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is the first tennis office in Turkey devoted mainly to organise tennis lectures and practice sessions and many other services for tennis fans. Ali AYAZ - the founder - is a successful sportsman who dedicated his life to tennis sport and prepared young talents for Turkish junior and young national teams. He has founded tennis clinic as a platform which houses successful teaching pros that combine their precious experiences and efforts to build a wonderful, volunteer team of coaches.

It’s quite exciting to see tennis get more popular in Turkey. We wish to make it more popular than ever by executing following activities.

Tennis Academy
Our specialists develop our teaching procedures according to persons’ age, sex, and facilities of growth; their expectations from tennis sport and their comfort on the court.

Our methods of teaching have no attempt to fit the student to a particular style, instead what’s best for the individual is developed and strengthened in a way that helps student enjoy the game.

tennis clinic’s team is going to be in your serve at anytime and any place with a variety of programs like special, group, and family lessons.

Tennis Equipment / Raquet Store
It’s important for tennis players to choose the right equipment fitting their grip size, age and style. Choosing appropriate equipment prevents future injuries or unexpected situations. You may not only find qualitative racquets but also someone who is going to counsel you in our Racquet Store. You may also change your old racquet with a new one.

Tennis Tournaments
Tennis tournaments are attractive organisations for a large group of audience. We give support to persons or firms who/which want to organise or take part in any tennis tournament.

Tennis Tourism & Camps
We maintain our activities to provide an opportunity for tennis fans to play tennis while they are on holiday after 1998. We also seek for opportunities to organise tennis camps that will be alternatives to those abroad for young players.

Tennis Court Construction / Court Store
We construct long-life, comfortable and economical tennis courts that have no side effects on your muscular system. In these courts we use AV SYNTEC HURCUSH -the official paving of the Australian Open which has ISO 9001 standard.

We also repair spoiled surfaces, change old windbreaks and provide new court accessories.

Tennis lesson Activities

Private Lessons
These are 45-minute private practise sessions in which you can improve your game and adapt latest tennis improvement techniques in a one-to-one relation with your coach. We recommend these courses to intermediate and advanced players for improving their experiences.

Group Lessons
Beginner Group Lessons are for ones that are about to begin or have just begun tennis. 3-player groups will make tennis more enjoyable and economical. Besides, you catch the opportunity to find new partners with the same skill level as you without giving up tennis teaching quality.
Group Lessons for advanced players help advanced players practice in team atmosphere under control of an experienced teaching pro.

Tennis Activities for Kids
A great opportunity for your kids aged between 6 and 14 to take their first steps into the game. They will get fundamental tennis skills as well as lifetime sportsmanship behaviours while they enjoy themselves and tennis. These groups should not include more than 5 individuals to be effective.

Family Lessons
Take your place on the court and enjoy tennis as a whole family. But keep in mind that the youngest member should be over 6.

tennis clinic is the only authority to set up coaches and the program of the lessons.
Players should obey any rule that the coach states on the court.
Parents are not allowed on the court.
Players should supply their own balls.
Prices mentioned include ballboy, coaching and court fee.
There is no cancellation of group lessons. Cancellation of private lessons is acceptable only if you inform us 24 hours beforehand.
Sessions last for 45 minutes. In case of bad weather condition, the lesson is considered undone.
Prices mentioned are set for 10 lessons. Prices do not include FAT.
Payment is supposed to be done cash at the beginning of every 10-session period.
Thank you for your consideration and understanding!

tennis clinic
For more information please call us from phone number: (312) 242 0005

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